GMO-ID Australia provides the following services to assist clients in achieving their Non-GMO certification objectives;

Non-GMO Certification

GMO-ID  provides auditing and certification services for the world’s leading standard for Non-GMO Identity Preservation. The non-GMO certification standard is recognised  as the benchmark for Non-GMO identity preservation and the most robust standard of its kind is trusted by all major retailers and brands worldwide. Certification will facilitate entry into consumer veriifcation programmes such as the GMO Project and Pro-Terra. (…..More)

GMO Analysis

Through GMO-ID’s association with some of the world’s leading analytical service providers, customers have access to PCR testing services which are second to none in terms of turn-around, cost effectivness and accuracy. A  full menu of qualitative and quantitative GMO testing options can be customized to suit your products and your buyer’s needs. (….More)

Non-GMO Management Programmes

Industry experienced project managers can provide a level of practical expertise to guide clients through the development and implementation of appropriate systems for Non-GMO identity preservation. GMO-ID staff have years of real world experience across all sectors of the Australian food industry. (…..More)

Product Certification

Product certification goes hand in hand with  Non-GMO certification. A variety of products are available to all  Non-GMO clients to assist  in demonstrating the traceability of a product. Traceability Certificates of Compliance (TCCs) are a vital extension to the  Non-GMO system certificate as they provide traceability and chain of custody verification for  Non-GMO certificated materials. (….More)