Non-GMO Certification

A Leading Non-GMO Certification programme

Our aim has been to provide raw material producers, food and feed manufacturing industries, retailers and, of course, the final consumer, with choice.

The  Non-GMO Standard s are recognised as the leading Standards for providing certified companies with confidence that their products remain GM-free.

In many cases food and feed manufacturing operations, in response to the GM issue, tried to outrun the problem by removing or replacing raw materials and ingredients from their supply chain that could pose a potential GM risk.

Often, the outcome in moving to less functional ingredients was a reduction in perceived product quality, which neither helped the producer nor served the consumer.

Many other companies in a similar situation found a less damaging, but more productive approach to manage the situation and that was to simply source  Non GMO certified products. This removed the need to reformulate their food or feed product and risk product quality. These companies have quickly seen and enjoyed the benefits independent certification brings to them and have often decided to become the next onward  certified link, offering certified products into their market.

Non-GMO Certification Services

Born out of the requirement of the food manufacturing and retail industries to offer a Non-GM assurance to consumers;

Non GMO Certification

  • Is a program that integrates state-of-the-art GMO testing, auditing and record keeping
  • Minimises expense to food producers and industry buyers
  • Maximises surety to consumers becauseGMO-ID Australia, the company, as a third party, is independent of any other industry

Why Certify?

The certification of processes or products by itself does not change the quality of anything. A certification body will grant certification to an applicant only if they meet certain standards.That is precisely why producers and suppliers request Non-GMO certification: to demonstrate that their products meet certain standards. Our clients want to show to their customers that the products they sell meet the Non-GMO Standard.

In the case of  ‘Non-GMO’ certification, the programme works in three different ways:

  1. It provides a bridge of confidence between consumers and producers / manufacturers / retailers and the certified status can be displayed on the product.
  2. It meets the requirements of existing or upcoming legislation, be it Australian, European, national or regional in other parts of the world.
  3. It avoids challenges from government agencies, the media, watchdog programmes or consumer advocacy

Benefits of Non-GMO Certification

There are many benefits to having your products Non-GMO certified. These benefits Include:
1. Demonstration of commitment to quality
Obtaining  Non-GMO Certification sends a clear message to the market that a company is dedicated to high quality standards.
2. Consumer confidence
Products certified  as Non-Genetically Modified increases final consumers’ confidence in the quality of the product.
3. Enhanced credibility
Going through the effort of having the certifier, a third party, scrutinise production processes adds credibility to a manufacturer’s product statements.
4. Industrial customer good will
Non-GMO Certification adds value to a product. This value can be passed on to the products of the next production stage and eventually downstream to the consumer.
5. Product differentiation
Non-GMO Certification creates a new product by perception. This sort of differentiation increases the value of a supplier in the eyes of its customers.
6. Verified compliance with EU Regulations
 Non-GMO EU Regulatory Compliance Certification:
• Covers the requirements of stringent EU regulations calling for full traceability
• Provides an excellent “due diligence” defense in the event of a GM challenge
7. Reduced liability
Being able to demonstrate that all reasonable precaution has been taken to ensure that products are Non-GM greatly reduces a supplier’s liability.
8. Increased market share
The added value created by  Non-GMO Certification increases a product’s competitiveness and its market share.