Who Can Be Certified

The  Non-GMO Certification programme is all-encompassing. This means that all stages of the food and feed production chain, from seed supplier to distributors of finished products can be certified. In fact, consumers will only reap the full benefit of  certification if the entire chain participates. 

Seed Suppliers

Seed suppliers benefit from Non-GMO Certification by providing their customers in the agricultural sector with certified product that may be sold at premium prices. Seed suppliers offering  certified seed can be assured they are participating in a certification scheme that will be tailored to their specific needs and concerns and will offer product virtually free of genetic modification.Seed suppliers may choose certification to help protect their seed stock. Certification offers a program designed to assist the seed producer in maintaining Non-GM seed through development of sampling, testing and monitoring of the seed producer’s production. For whichever reason a seed producer chooses certification, the seed producer can be assured they will be maintaining a production system that is certifiable as Non-Genetically Modified all the way down the production chain.


Farmers / Producers / Growers / Cooperatives

Farmers and producers can benefit from Non-GMO Certification by opening new markets that are not available to independent farmers and producers. These markets are offering premium prices for product carrying Non-GMO certified status, often building opportunity to markets in foreign countries normally not accessible because of tight regulations.Farmers and producers can also benefit from certification by providing a path toward building an operation that follows ISO Guidelines with a quality assurance system. Often farmers and producers overlook the need for traceability of their product. By participating in a certification programme, farmers and producers will have the opportunity to participate in markets they would not otherwisequalify.

Trading Companies / Brokers

Trading Companies and brokers benefit by providing a marketable product to buyers wanting to obtain certified Non-GMO product. Buyers are willing to pay premium prices for Non-GMO certified products and traders benefit from connecting farmers and producers to buyers. 

Transport / Shipping / Storage / Loading / Unloading

These service providers benefit  by providing the means of transporting certified product without the need to sample and test for each transaction the certified product makes through the delivery process, from seller to buyer. The cost to this clientele is very affordable as sampling and testing is usually not required.The objective of these industries is to provide traceability of certified product through an identity preservation (IP) system. This is obtained through the separate GMO-ID Approval Program.

Processors/Ingredient Suppliers

Processors benefit through higher premiums obtained when supplying food producers with certified product. More manufacturers are requesting certified ingredients for their plants. Processors with certified product are able to meet the demands of manufacturers’ needs for  Non-GMO certified product. Processors are also able to provide solid proof of Non-GM status through the certification programme designed specifically for each processor’s facility.

Animal Feed Compounders

GMO-ID offers the animal nutrition industry the opportunity to use raw materials certified as Non-GM, e.g. soya meal or corn (maize) gluten meal. This would allow for the possibility to avoid the legal duty to label the complete feed product according to EU Regulations (EC) No. 1830/2003 and No. 65/2004 as containing GMOs.For such a positive claim to be legal, along with soya meal and corn gluten products, regulations require the application of additives in Non-GM form that are not organisms themselves but that are usually produced today involving the use of biotechnology. Among these are enzymes as well as some vitamins and amino acids. We have certified manufacturers from these areas so that animal feed producers have the opportunity to make positive claims covering their entire product range as “without GMOs” and as “Non-GMO.”


Food Manufacturers

Consumers request food products to be free of GMOs. Through certification, manufacturers are able to meet the demands of these consumers and are able to obtain premiums for their certified products. In light of liability concerns for allergic reactions to GMOs, manufacturers can be assured the certified status of their products will minimize their risk of using contaminated ingredients and thus also their liability.By far the most important reason for the food industry to have GMO-ID certify their products as Non-Genetically Modified is probably the dramatically reduced risk of brand damage. A producer who can present documented evidence that he has implemented systems and procedures complying fully with the thinking underlying the precautionary principle is hardly vulnerable in the case of an emergency.


Distributors benefit by providing the means of distributing certified product without the need to sample and test for each transaction the certified product makes through the delivery process from buyer to seller. The cost is very affordable sampling and testing is usually not required. The objective of the distributor is to provide traceability of certified product through an IP system.