Product Certification

Product certification goes hand in hand with  Non-GMO certification. We offer a variety of products that are available to all  Non-GMO clients to assist you in demonstrating the traceability of your product.

Traceability Certificates of Compliance (TCCs)

Traceability Certificates of Compliance (TCCs) are a vital extension to the  Non-GMO system certificate as they provide traceability and chain of custody verification for  Non-GMO certificated materials.

TCCs are provided as a secure PDF product certificate which can be used to demonstrate the continuous Non-GMO status of  material, irrespective of supply chain complexity, and offers peace of mind in the event of a GM challenge.

All TCCs are supported by PCR Testing carried out by a approved and accredited laboratory providing the necessary assurance to the buyer.

Our comprehensive Traceability Database provides a complete transfer of traceability information through the supply chain.


 Non GMO Security Identity Labels

Proper labelling and marking of containers are critical elements in identity preservation and maintaining traceability of  Non-GMO material. We can provide official trademarked labels featuring the  Non-GMO registered logo for use on all certificated product packaging.

Cert ID Tamper Evident Security Seals

Systematically numbered Tamper Evident Seals featuring the logo are available for purchase and can be linked in to the Traceability Database for the purpose of TCCs, adding an additional layer of security for your product.