About Us

GMO-ID Australia was launched in 2013 to deliver the Cert ID Non GMO certification system in Australia and the Pacific. We are a subsidiary of HACCP International Pty Ltd, a JAS-ANZ accredited body that has specialised in product certification for the food industry since 1998.

GMO-ID Australia has considerable expertise in the development, management and certification of Non GMO management programmes and is staffed by highly qualified food industry experts and food scientists.


GMO-ID Australia and associated companies offer a comprehensive range of third party certification schemes aimed at the food industry, from farmers and growers through to manufacturers, suppliers, retailers and foodservice businesses.

GMO-ID Australia will follow the exact principles the non-GMO certification standard. It is recognised y as the benchmark for Non-GMO identity preservation and the most robust standard of its kind, trusted by all major retailers and brands worldwide.

The certification scheme was launched in Australia in response to growing consumer concern about genetically modified products in the marketplace. Experts in the field of certification and the food industry deliver the new GMO-ID Australia programme which covers all type of product and manufacturing processes where the identification of non-GMO is of importance to the consumer.



Non-GMO certification was conceived early in the history of the commercialization of GMO products and this was driven by demand from the agricultural and retail industries. It is a historical fact that these industries undertook steps towards consumer protection before any government in the world.
  • 1996 – Genetic ID is founded initially as a laboratory for the scientific analysis of agricultural and food items testing for GMO content
  • 1997 – Genetic ID’s industry clients require a ‘Non-GMO’ certification programme
  • 1998 – Genetic ID completes the world’s first ‘Non-GMO’ certification standard.
  • 1999 – The programme is recommended as of June 3, 1999 by members of the British Retail Consortium (BRC) and other European retailers and food manufacturers and named “CERT ID”.
  • 1999 – CERT ID Ltd. is founded in Great Britain, at first as a joint venture operation between Genetic ID Inc., and a British Laboratory.
  • 2000 – CERT ID is founded in the U.S.A.
  • 2001 – Leading food retailers name CERT ID the ‘Non-GMO’ certification body of choice in the non-GMO certification of animal feedstock.
  • 2004 – Cert ID certification rapidly expands into India and the sub-continent
  • 2007 – Cert ID becomes the benchmark standard in Asia and operations are opened in response to the high demand
  • 2010 – Consumer awareness in Australia in regard to GMO issues buids and indicates market will demand a robust Non-GMO certification scheme
  • 2013 – GMO-ID Australia launches to facilitate the Cert-ID non-GMO certification scheme in Australia and the Pacific
  • 2016 – GMO – ID Australia adopts local standards to better serve the Australian markeplace